Working at Tenneco


Bring your talent, energy and creativity. We’ll provide challenging assignments and opportunity for growth.

The company's work environment is driven by our Shared Values, which establish a common framework, enhancing the way we work together as one global team.


Tenneco leverages fully integrated, competency-based Human Resources development processes that have been benchmarked for excellence by major companies around the world.

These include:

  • The Performance Alignment Process to align individual performance with business objectives.
  • The Individual Development Plan (IDP) helps employees prepare for career moves by acquiring specific skills, competencies and experience needed for professional growth.
  • The annual Talent Review process identifies key positions, replacement candidates and high potential individuals around the globe.

These processes work together to enhance two-way communication, ensuring that each team member receives ongoing feedback on performance and development.

See what our people say about working at Tenneco.

"I have a lot of latitude to do my job…I have some measure of control in what I’m working on."

"I love the challenge of my job, and the people are great."

"Team environment. Pleasant, hard-working co-workers."

"I have enough opportunity to make decisions and be creative in my job."

"I like what the name Tenneco represents in the market-place and the many years of quality service"

"[It’s] easy to feel you make a difference."

"I like the freedom that we have as employees ‘to do what we need’ to get the job done."