Audit Committee


Chaired by Dennis J. Letham, the Audit Committee has the responsibility, among other things, to: (1) select and approve the compensation of the Company's independent public accountants; (2) review and approve the scope of the independent public accountants' audit activity and all non-audit services; (3) review with management and such independent public accountants the adequacy of the Company's basic accounting system and the effectiveness of the Company's internal audit plan and activities; (4) review with management and the independent public accountants the Company's certified financial statements and exercise general oversight over the financial reporting process; (5) review with the Company litigation and other legal matters that may affect the Company's financial condition and monitor compliance with business ethics and other policies; (6) review the independence, qualifications and performance of the Company's independent auditors; (7) provide an avenue of communication among the independent auditors, management, the internal auditors and the Board of Directors; and (8) prepare the audit-related report required by the Securities and Exchange Commission to be included in the Company's annual proxy statement.