Our ride control engineers develop suspension technologies that address customer and consumer demands for the ride performance of vehicles.

Ride Control Engineering Centers:


Our ride control engineers continuously improve our suspension technologies.

  • Load leveling
  • Roll stiffness adjustment
  • Active and semi-active ride control
  • Wheel hop damping and control
  • Yaw control

Tenneco's innovative solutions have led to adaptive damping, electronically adjustable suspensions, and air damping systems. For commercial vehicles, damping solutions range from traditional axle and wheel damping to cabin comfort, radiator damping, and more. These solutions provide damping and vibration control anywhere on a vehicle or in non-vehicular applications.

Our easily installed air spring module replaces more complex suspension assemblies with a modular air spring and shock system to improve ride and vehicle stability.

Tenneco's adjustable monotube shock allows a vehicle's ride to be tuned for road and load conditions. The single tube design with multiple adjustment positions provides faster damping response and improves vehicle noise, vibration and harshness.

Monroe® Magnum shocks are designed for commercial vehicles weighing from 3.5 tons to 41 tons, and for axles up to 12 tons. We've expanded the product range to include cabin dampers, cabin air springs and seat dampers.