Particulate Filters and Regeneration

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Pioneering Filter Regeneration Solutions for More Than 25 Years


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
Tenneco is a pioneer in the development of diesel particulate filters, with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience.  The company was one of the first aftertreatment suppliers to commercialize DPFs in Europe. DPFs consist of a honeycomb-shaped ceramic body with alternately sealed channels. Engine exhaust is cleaned as the gases flow through porous filter walls where solid exhaust particulates (soot and ashes) are deposited on filters. At predefined intervals, the DPF undergoes a process of regeneration to self-clean. Applications: LV, CTOH


Gasoline Particulate Filters
Tenneco has leveraged its expertise in diesel particulate filter technology with the development of its gasoline particulate filters (GPF), designed for gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to reduce particulate emissions in compliance with Euro 6c emissions regulations. GPFs use the same type of wall-flow substrates as diesel particulate filters and can be included in the exhaust system in addition to the series three-way catalyst, or the catalyst coating can be directly applied to the filter substrate to form a four-way catalyst. Applications: LV

Filter Regeneration

A vehicle’s diesel particulate filter must be regenerated when it reaches a critical soot load. Tenneco’s direct injection solutions are compact, innovative technologies that inject hydrocarbons into the exhaust system to help achieve full regeneration, keeping vehicles performing optimally.


Hydrocarbon Manifold Dosing
Tenneco has taken its expertise in clean air technology and systems integration to the next level with its hydrocarbon manifold dosing solution, which injects diesel fuel directly into the engine manifold, providing more efficient regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. Today’s diesel engines typically conduct late fuel injection, which decreases the overall engine efficiency and creates oil dilution. With Tenneco’s hydrocarbon dosing solution, the HC dosing vaporizer is integrated into the engine manifold. The hot environment there helps to evaporate the fuel quickly, which in turn aids in optimizing distribution of hydrocarbon oxidation and mixing performance. Tenneco’s manifold dosing solution is also compact, making it easy to integrate and cost-effective. Applications: LV, CTOH

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