Director Communications Policy

Anyone who has a concern about the Company's conduct, or about the Company's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, may communicate that concern directly to the Board of Directors, the Company's lead director, or any other non-employee director or the Audit Committee. All such concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate directors for their review, and all concerns related to audit or accounting matters will be forwarded to the Audit Committee. All reported concerns will be simultaneously reviewed and addressed by the Company's Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, or his or her designee (unless he or she is alleged to be involved in the matter at issue). The status of all outstanding concerns addressed to the Board, the non-employee directors or the Audit Committee will be reported to the Board or the Audit Committee (as applicable) on a quarterly basis. The Board or any Committee may direct special treatment, including the retention of outside advisors or counsel, for any concern addressed to them. The Company's corporate policies prohibit retaliatory action against any employee who raises concerns or questions in good faith about these matters.

Stockholders wishing to communicate with the Board of Directors, any non-employee director or the Audit Committee may do so by writing to the Company's Corporate Secretary at 500 North Field Drive, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045. The Corporate Secretary will forward any communications as directed by the stockholder. The Company maintains a separate, internal system for the receipt of communications from employees.

For more detailed information regarding the Audit Committee's policy regarding accounting-related complaints, click here.