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Pioneering global ideas for cleaner air and smoother, quieter and safer transportation.


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IAA Hannover 2016

IAA Overview Press Release: English | German
New Clevite Elastomer Branding: English | German
Global CV Emissions Technology: English | German
Press Conference Presentation

IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Press releases: English

Advanced Technology Brochures

Take a closer look at our advanced emission control and ride control technologies.

Annual Reports

Title Type Size
2017 Annual Report   10KB
2016 Annual Report PDF_small  HTML_small 20.6 MB
2015 Annual Report PDF_small  HTML_small 4.2 MB
2014 Annual Report HTML_small 20.6 MB
2013 Annual Report HTML_small 13.6 MB
2012 Annual Report*
2011 Annual Report HTML_small 12.9 MB
2010 Annual Report HTML_small 10.1 MB
2009 Annual Report HTML_small 40.9 MB
2009 Annual Report pdf_icon 5.1 MB
As part of our ongoing efforts to preserve the environment, we have switched to a digital Annual Report for 2009. You may select either the online HTML or downloadable PDF version above.
2008 Annual Report pdf_icon 2.0 MB
2007 Annual Report pdf_icon 2.1 MB
2006 Annual Report pdf_icon 1.8 MB
2005 Annual Report pdf_icon 4.7 MB
2004 Annual Report pdf_icon 2.3 MB
2003 Annual Report pdf_icon 2.5 MB
2002 Annual Report pdf_icon 1.8 MB
2001 Annual Report pdf_icon 703 KB
2000 Annual Report*
1999 Annual Report pdf_icon 992 KB

* Not available online