R&D, engineering and production capabilities


Knowledge-based manufacturing and engineering key to achieving excellence:

Our R&D, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to design and manufacture performance products and systems that meet the highest standards and deliver the quality and value solutions that our customers expect, anywhere in the world.

We continuously focus on process excellence, lean engineering and manufacturing, allowing us to produce competitive products. We use our proprietary knowledge-based manufacturing and engineering process, design for manufacturing approach and others such as Six Sigma and the Tenneco Manufacturing System to streamline our development-manufacturing cycle, optimize lead times and increase the flexibility of our operations, to improve our delivery quality and to increase, ultimately, the value to customers.

R&D and engineering services

Our technology and engineering centres act as a hub where our teams of engineers combine their areas of expertise and work together to develop top quality, value for money products and solutions with minimum development time.

Manufacturing capabilities

With 18 manufacturing worldwide, we are able to follow our customers and produce standardised products on all continents. We have the capabilities to produce conventional technology in almost any plant, with a consistent level of quality, a significant advantage for customers. Throughout our plants, standardized manufacturing processes and technologies are designed to ensure zero-defect.

Optimum development cycles from design to validation

We provide solutions that combine outstanding customer service and our deep product knowledge, delivered using Tenneco's Global Product Data Management system to ensure seamless data transfer.

Tenneco responds to increasingly diverse market needs by using complex techniques, including computer aided design, finite elements analysis, multi body simulation, fatigue analysis and computational fluid dynamism to ensure new products developed in minimum time but with the expected strength, quality, durability and safety our customers demand.


Advanced manufacturing processes and technologies

Tenneco uses the latest technology and certified quality processes to ensure that the products and systems coming out of any of its production plants are consistently up to the highest standards. Our zero- defect strategy focuses on continuous improvement and on what matters most: customer value.

In each of our plants, processes are in place to measure manufacturing performance. Our Tenneco Manufacturing System and other working processes create ownership and a sense of responsibility at all levels of our organization.