Passive dampers


MTV_web1Multi-Tuned Valve (MTV)

Tenneco MTV has become a leading choice for a range of applications:

  • Flexible full-displacement valve design, suitable for mono tube and double tube dampers
  • Direct response, lowest resistance
  • High performance tunability and differentiation
  • Excellent noise performance and well-defined durability


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BOCS+ Valve

BOCS is Tenneco's valve system with degressive rebound valving in double tube applications.

  • High speed fine-tuning by restriction discs
  • Improved NVH performance and better durability
  • Improved tuneability of coil spring settings
  • Improved damping force variation control

MTBO_web2Mono Tube Blow Off Valve (MTBO)

MTBO offers an alternative to the MTV for mono tube dampers and allows for enhanced tuning and driving comfort.  With the option of MTV or MTBO, customers have a full range of tuning options for mono tube dampers.

  • Suitable for mono tube dampers
  • Independent tuning for rebound and compression at all speeds
  • Intelligent adjustment
  • Extremely durable
  • "Open bleed" tuning feature optional for ultimate driving comfort

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RC1 and RC2

RC1 provides a solution to the compromise between handling and ride comfort in sports cars without additional cables, sensors or other electronic devices.

With a valve working in both rebound and compression, the RC2 technology ends the compromise to road holding and comfort without the need for electronic devices.

  • Design suitable for mono tube and double tube dampers
  • Enhanced comfort, improved tire grip and car body control



Suspension Module Integration

Tenneco is experienced in integrating suspension modules that optimize solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

  • Strut modules
  • Coil-over modules
  • Air spring modules
  • Damper modules
  • Full axle modules
  • Cabin damper modules

Based on our customers' specifications we providethe appropriate components, engineering and assembly expertise to deliver modules that are cost-efficient and achieve superior performance and quality standards.

RV__web1Rebound valve : RV+

RV+ is Tenneco's latest valve system for customers requiring a low compression damping forces in double tube applications. The RV+ variant offers increased comfort and better performance against road noise and harshness.

  • High speed fine-tuning by restriction discs
  • Independent tuning parameters for efficient tuning.
  • Improved rebound flow distribution resulting in improved NVH performance and better durability
  • Rod displaced design allows low compression damping