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A Leader in Clean Air Technology for Passenger Cars and Trucks

Tenneco's highly engineered Clean Air solutions for light vehicles support gasoline, gasoline direct injection, flex-fuel and diesel applications. We are experts at integrating aftertreatment components and are committed to partnering with our customers to provide lightweight, fuel-efficient solutions that meet current and future legislative requirements and are ready for production anywhere in the world.

Tenneco's suite of clean air technologies are specifically designed to enable reduction of NOx, particulate matter mass and number, as well as hydrocarbons and CO2 - all mandates for the next wave of U.S. Tier 3 and EU6 and 7 emissions legislation. Combined with our experience in systems integration, engineering and design and expanded global footprint, we're providing customers with solutions that can be implemented anywhere in the world today - without compromising vehicle performance or durability.



Tenneco Clean Air Solutions

Reduction of Criteria Pollutants


Improving Fuel Economy / Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Sound Engineering and Acoustics

Whether it is the rugged rumble of a sports car or the quiet hum of a limousine, each vehicle's acoustics are designed with a trademark "signature sound" in mind.

Tenneco works with its customers to develop innovative solutions in sound design for exhaust systems, helping to define the brand characteristic sound of these vehicles.