Clean Air

Compact Mixing Solutions


Tenneco's compact mixers are flexible enough to accommodate the reduced packaging requirements of advanced catalyst systems, including SCR-coated diesel particulate filter (SDPF) applications, while enabling flow uniformity of 95 percent or higher.

The company's mixing solutions are designed to help global engine manufacturers meet stringent emissions regulations, including EU6c, as well as the need for increased fuel efficiency, which also provides for lower CO2 emissions.



Double Swirl Mixer
Tenneco's Tenneco’s double swirl mixer efficiently processes injected urea into ammonia, even in extremely compact mixing zones, such as SDPF applications. The flow is forced into a mixing passage where the urea spray is injected and evaporated on the hot surfaces, minimizing undesired droplet slip to the SCR catalyst. The exhaust gas / ammonia mixture then exits the mixer passage, forming two macroscopic swirls that homogeneously distribute over the surface of the SCR or SDPF substrate. Applications: LV, CTOH
Stairway Mixer

Tenneco's stairway mixer enables rapid and efficient atomization and evaporation of urea into ammonia. The mixer’s impingement blades feature a stairway formation, so they can effectively catch the urea spray and easily process it into ammonia. The mixer's compact design makes it an ideal mixing solution for passenger car/light duty vehicle applications, where the SCR system is integrated in a close-coupled position to the engine and is best for L- and U-turn hot-end configurations. Applications: LV

Rasp Pipe Mixer

Tenneco's rasp pipe mixer design generates a symmetrical gas swirl motion to evenly distribute the injected urea spray within the exhaust gas over a large surface area of the decomposition pipe. The mixing pipe’s exposed flaps initiates the gas swirl motion, which enhances secondary droplet breakup and further decomposition of the liquid urea by additional shear forces. The travel path of the droplets increases as they are carried by the spiral movement of the gas flow, which enables more time for evaporation, helping to minimize solid deposits. The scalability of the mixer's size makes it applicable for commercial truck and off-highway applications.