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Exhaust System Components


Exhaust System Components


Tenneco designs, engineers and manufactures exhaust system components aimed at improving fuel economy while reducing engine noise.  Mufflers also are used to tune an engine to help achieve a particular sound, which often is representative of a customer's desired signature sound for that vehicle. 


Spun Muffler
Spun mufflers are characterized by simple assembly, reduced material consumption and lower tooling cost. They are used mainly on light vehicle passenger car platforms. Spun mufflers can also be offered as a rolled muffler design, formed from a tube which can be directly combined with converters and filters. Applications: LV, CTOH
Shell Muffler
Shell mufflers offer high acoustic efficiency due to their large internal volume as well as packaging advantages compared with spun mufflers. Shell mufflers utiize lightweight components and offer key advantages in vehicle acoustics and durability. Applications: LV, CTOH
Lightweight Mufflers with Thin-wall Pipes
Tenneco’s lightweight muffler employs a thin-wall design of lightweight steel that is stamped with a pattern of various shapes to enable noise reduction. This design enables weight savings of nearly 20 percent when compared with standard muffler designs, a direct contributor to reduced CO2. Applications: LV
Air Gap Pipes

Optimizing the temperature throughout an exhaust system can improve the performance of catalytic converters and other emission control technologies. Tenneco’s air gap pipe is a double-walled exhaust pipe with an “air gap" between layers of pipe to promote insulation and allow faster converter light-off for reduced emissions.