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The manifold collects and directs the exhaust gases from multiple engine cylinders through the exhaust system. Tenneco’s fabricated manifolds and manifold converters provide customers with solutions that reduce emissions and help improve fuel economy with better engine horsepower and torque.

Fabricated Manifolds
Tenneco’s fabricated manifolds offer weight reduction of up to 50 percent compared with traditional cast manifolds. Test data confirms that fabricated manifolds can also achieve temperature benefits of up to 50 degrees Celsius, which can result in faster catalyst light off and improved overall catalyst efficiency.  Applications: LV, CTOH
Double-Wall Air Gap Insulated Manifolds
This manifold is comprised of gas-conducting interior components and supporting exterior shells. The interior components can come hydroformed, wrapped or in a shell design.  Double-wall air gap manifolds are lighter than cast manifolds and offer enhanced thermal behavior and improved durability, as well as significant advantages in emissions reduction. Applications: LV, CTOH
Single-Wall Manifolds
Tenneco produces single wall manifolds in a modular design. These manifolds can provide significant advantages in terms of emissions reduction, weight, cost, durability and packaging when compared with cast manifolds. Single-wall manifolds have a simplistic design, which allows many applications to be covered by a few components. Applications: LV, CTOH
Modular Air Gap Insulated Manifold
Tenneco's flexible modular manifold system for commercial vehicles and large engines offers important features, including: include easy connection of additional cylinders as needed; shorter lead time for development and protoytping, enabling more cost-effecitive development and the use of standardized tooling.  Applications: LV, CTOH, Large Engine
Three-shell manifold
Tenneco's unique three-shell design replaces high-cost stainless cast manifolds and leads to approximately a 30 percent reduction in weight.
Applications: LV, CTOH


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