Clean Air

SCR Solutions


Fully-Integrated SCR Solutions for Clean Air

As emissions control solutions become more complex and their components must function interdependently, expertise in systems integration becomes even more essential. Integrating mechatronics and software into a range of emissions control components and systems is one way Tenneco is working to meet the challenge of delivering innovative, cost-effective and adaptable systems for our customers.  



XNOx™ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System

Tenneco's XNOx solution combines the company's expertise in calibrating urea dosing systems with top-performing components such as the company’s patented XNOx injector to deliver an optimized solution with more than 95 percent NOx conversion efficiency. This full-system solution helps Tenneco’s global customers meet increasingly stringent NOx emission standards, while delivering the engine performance that consumers expect. Applications: LV, CTOH

XNOxAir-Assisted Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
This system is a Euro V-compliant system developed for emerging markets, which provides an economical alternative to traditional SCR. The tank, controller and pump form a compact unit while the right balance of air and urea produces an atomized spray, which achieves high NOx conversion rates even in compact exhaust systems. Applications: LV, CTOH
Modular SCR System for Marine and Large Engine Applications

Tenneco's large engine SCR aftertreatment system is designed for U.S. EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III emissions requirements. It features a complete dosing control solution for marine engine applications up to 7,500 kW or 10,000 hp. The system provides precise and reliable delivery of liquid urea via a proprietary, high-performance injector design, a precision mechatronic fluid delivery pump and customizable remote monitoring and controls. The system also features an integrated soot blower option, which increases the effectiveness of NOx reduction and overall catalyst performance when high sulphur fuels are used or engines operate at low exhaust temperature levels. Applications: Large Engine