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Sound design and noise control are key functions of valves in exhaust systems. The use of valves has expanded to also include other applications, such as controlling low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust heat recovery. Tenneco is a leader in valve technology and offers its global customers a range of valve options.


Electronic Valves for Low-Pressure EGR and Acoustic Tuning
These fully variable backpressure control valves are designed specifically for low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems for diesel engines, or for cylinder deactivation and acoustic turning for gasoline engines.  Controlled by an electric actuator, the valve expertly and continuously fine- tunes the position of the exhaust flap to achieve optimal backpressure. When combined with the OEM’s low pressure EGR system, the electrical valve can help the EGR system achieve NOx emissions reductions of up to 50 percent, with little impact on exhaust system weight or performance. The valves feature a unique modular design, which offers vehicle manufacturers custom flexibility and adaptability for any engine architecture . Applications: LV
HP Valve
Tenneco's passive valve features an in-line design that enables minimal backpressure when the flap is wide open under maximum flow conditiions. The valve also reduces low frequency noise over a broad frequency range, utilizing minimal packaging space within the muffler. Applications: LV


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