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Waste Heat Recovery


Waste Heat Recovery

In a typical internal combustion engine, approximately 30 percent of the fuel energy is used for actual vehicle propulsion, while more than 70 percent is lost - about half of it through the vehicle's exhaust system. Tenneco is developing several technologies to improve overall vehicle efficiency by recycling wasted energy. 


Heat Exchangers
Tenneco's heat exchangers capture waste heat and help recycle it to be used in passenger comfort areas, such as quickly heating the cabin and defrosting the windshield.  Applications: LV, CTOH
Thermoelectric Generator

The company’s Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) solution enables the conversion of wasted exhaust heat to electrical energy, potentially for powering electrical accessories. TEG also enables electrical generator downsizing, which reduces overall vehicle weight. Applications: LV, CTOH

Rankine Cycle

Tenneco’s “One-Box” design is a highly integrated system which allows for direct
waste heat recovery from exhaust gas. The evaporator is integrated into the complete aftertreatment module, which enables improved thermal management, improves overall packaging and minimizes impact on emissions performance. In addition to improved fuel economy, customers benefit from lower total cost of ownership. Applications: CTOH




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