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Suspension Solutions for On- and Off-Highway


Commercial truck and off-highway vehicles have unique suspension requirements that must accommodate a variety of road conditions, full or empty loads and specific safety standards. Tenneco is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing a range of innovative suspension technologies found on today’s commercial vehicles that make the operator’s experience smoother, quieter and more comfortable.


Cabin Dampers

Tenneco’s complete line of cabin damper solutions help to maximize driver comfort and minimize fatigue and can be customized with different valve technologies depending on OEM specifications. The company designs and manufactures cabin suspension products including coil spring dampers, air spring dampers, lateral dampers and seat dampers.

Integrated Height Valve (IHV) 
IHV is an internal valve within the air spring damper module for continuous leveling of truck cabins. This compact, modular solution simplifies installation and reduces assembly time and cost. IHV can be adapted for any on- or off-road application. 

Seat Dampers

Tenneco’s expertise in ride and handling goes beyond the main suspenstion system of a truck or commercial vehicle. It extends to the cabin, where its seat dampers help to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride for the operator. Tenneco’s standard seat dampers are set to a customized setting in order to provide maximum comfort for the driver, while adjustable dampers offer drivers the ability to customize their ride by adjusting the damping forces to suit their preferences.

Adjustable Seat Dampers
These dampers are used in seats for both on-and off-road heavy-duty vehicles. Depending on the road conditions and the driver´s own preferences, the damping level can be changed to achieve optimum comfort.
Lightweight Seat Dampers
Tenneco's lightweight seat dampers demonstrate how the company leverages lightweight materials including aluminum, plastic and high-strength steel combined with innovative designs to reduce component weight and contribute to reducing the vehicle’s CO2 footprint.
Velocity Progressive Damping
This damper is unique in that low damping forces are generated at low velocity for comfort, whereas at higher velocities the damping will progressively increase to avoid bigger movements.  This enables improved comfort for the driver without the need to manually adjust the damping force.

Axle Dampers

Axle dampers for light commercial and medium and heavy-duty vehicles can incorporate passive or electronic technologies. Blow-off valve technology is designed to control high damping forces and strong vibrations that characterize trucks and trains.

45 mm Axle Dampers 
Tenneco’s axle dampers offer increased tunability to meet customer specifications and are used primarily for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight greater then 15 tons and on trailers.  The dampers also enable higher compression damping forces and maintain the excellent lifetime performance typical of Tenneco suspension products. These very compact 45mm dampers can cover both on-road and off-road applications such as tractors, trailers and rigid multi-axle trucks. 

Elastomer Products for Reduced NVH

Lightweight Torque Rods
Lightweight Torque Rods deliver high performance and fatigue life while minimizing vehicle mass. Multiple construction options are available, and Tenneco’s innovative rod designs help customers meet performance targets with simple, low mass solutions.
Spring Eye Bushings
Spring eye bushings serve as key suspension pivots in vehicles with leaf spring suspensions.  Tenneco's bushing designs are aimed at reducing mass while improving bushing function and fatigue life. These bushings feature high radial and conical (cardanic) spring rate, paired with low torsional breakaway to produce pivots ideally suited for optimal suspension performance.