Product Lines


Elastomer Brochures
Tenneco's highly-engineered elastomer products are designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Our uniquely-formulated compounds and internally-produced metal components further distinguish the company's well-known Clevite® Elastomers brand.

Elastomer Products 

Tenneco’s elastomer bushing, mount and exhaust isolator designs ensure improved NVH isolation and better overall performance for both suspension and exhaust systems. 

Suspension Bushings
Elastomer bushings provide for suspension articulation and vibration isolation in a wide range of vehicle applications. Applications: LV, CTOH
Subframe Bushings
Subframe mounting bushings showcase Tenneco's experience in accommodating tuning/model variation while meeting stringent durability requirements.  Applications: LV
Damper Top Mounts
Damper top mounts combine an elastomer element to allow damper articulation with a housing for attachment to the vehicle body. Tenneco offers integration of steel-stamped or aluminum-die cast designs that offer OEMs flexibility. Applications: LV
HydroelasticTM Bushings
Tenneco's custom-designed fluid bushings are used when it is necessary to have more damping than normally attainable with an all-elastomeric bushing.   Applications: LV
HydroelasticTM Body Mounts 
Tenneco's hydroelastic body mounts utilize both fluid hydraulics and elastomeric viscoelastic properties to help minimize transmission of frame-to-body oscillations. Applications: LV
Exhaust System Isolators
Tenneco's engineered exhaust isolators have revolutionized the industry helping OEMs to achieve full vehicle life durability with very low mass designs.  Applications: LV, CTOH


Suspension Links
Tenneco is a leading supplier of tension/compression links and torque rods for a wide range of vehicle suspensions. Applications: LV, CTOH
Controlled Torque Bushings
360 degree rotation is possible with Tenenco's curled cartridge elastomer bushing, offering both vibration isolation and misalignment accommodation. Applications: LV, CTOH

Manufacturing and Engineering

Tenneco’s Elastomer Group operates five high-volume manufacturing facilities and three globally-connected engineering centers focused on design, FEA modeling, prototype fabrication and characterization/fatigue testing for new elastomer components. 


Tenneco’s Clevite® Elastomers Group received recent recognition as a

General Motors Supplier of the Year

Pictured is the Milan, Ohio elastomer engineering team.