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Ride Performance Solutions for Light Vehicles

From small cars and SUVs to luxury limousines and sports cars, Tenneco offers a wide range of ride performance products and technologies, including integrated suspension modules, advanced electronic suspension systems and passive damping technologies, as well as solutions designed to reduce vehicle NVH. 

In addition to a superior driving experience, Tenneco's ride performance technologies help to enable improved fuel economy through the use of lightweight materials and components. 



Advanced and Electronic Suspension Solutions

Tenneco's Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio of technologies includes adaptive, semi-active and fully-active suspension solutions, all of which are designed to fit a range of vehicle applications.  

Passive Damping Solutions

Multi-Tuneable Valve (MTV)

Tenneco's Multi-Tuneable Valve is a damper valving system that provides a wide range of tuning options.  MTV offers improved shock absorber performance by providing a better compromise for ride, handling and NVH.

MTV 2.0

Like its predecessor, MTV 2.0 provides a greater compromise for ride, handling and NVH.  It accomplishes this through the utilization of a new tuning element - blow off shape tuninig.  Blow-off shape tuning provides the opportunity to maximize low speed damping control for steering and handling without compromising comfort and NVH performance.

Frequency Dependent Damping (FDD)
FDD is Tenneco's solution for achieving optimal comfort in passenger cars, and enhancing ride and handling in performance vehicle applications. The unique valve design allows for dedicated tuning for sprung and unsprung mass and is suitable for monotube and double tube dampers, providing enhanced comfort, improved tire grip and improved vehicle body control.
ComfortMax ™
This durable, lightweight monotube configuration reduces noise and delivers improved dynamic response for passenger car, light truck, SUV and crossover vehicle applications. ComfortMax provides comfort and control by combining the fast reaction time of a monotube with the plushness of a low-pressure gas double tube.  This damper design has reduced the static force of traditional high pressure monotubes  which increases comfort and reduces transmitted noise. 
RV+ is Tenneco's valve system option for customers requiring low compression damping forces in double tube applications. The RV+ variant offers increased comfort while reducing impact harshness and road noise.  
Position-Sensitive Twin System (PST)
PST is a multi-stage hydraulic shock absorber that provides different levels of damping based on the position of the pistons within the shock absorber pressure tube. The PST’s design enables a wide range of tuning parameters. Almost any desired damping curve can be obtained while avoiding sudden transitions in performance between soft and hard damping modes. PST allows the choice of different damping forces for rebound and compression. This high degree of tuneability is critical for OEMs who desire specific ride characteristics.

Elastomer Products for Reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Learn more about Tenneco's elastomer products and technologies, which provide custom vibration control design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for OEMs by tuning vehicle characteristics in tandem with system requirements, enabling greater vehicle performance. 

Lightweighting Solutions

Tenneco focuses on weight reduction of the damper in a vehicle program’s infancy, so that we can design and engineer for lightweight and performance all at once. Through detailed FEA analysis, the company can optimize the weight/cost ratio, depending on the priorities of the customer, through the use of various manufacturing processes  - such as hollow rod or variable wall thickness - to best suit the needs of the vehicle. We challenge ourselves to further improve weight savings through the use of alternative materials such as aluminum, plastics and composites.