Who We Are

Worker Health and Safety

Who We Are

The safety of our employees is our number one priority.

Leadership and the ability to create a strong health and safety culture is the focus of our employee health and safety commitment. By tracking each plant’s safety performance and implementing new tools to maintain and improve the safety of our operations, we continue to raise the bar in achieving outstanding safety records.

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Our goal is to create injury-free careers with:


  • Partner with Humantech® to provide tools and training resources to assess ergonomic risks and implement work design improvements
  • Provide basic and advanced training to ergo team members, engineers and workforce
  • Train process design engineers so new manufacturing processes are designed with the worker in mind to help eliminate a safety risk before a single part is run

Machine Safeguarding

  • Established a global standard that addresses safeguarding and control reliability requirements for all machinery operated by our employees
  • Process for assessing risks, identifying hazards and installing safeguard systems

Behavioral Safety

  • Partner with Behavioral Science Technology® to implement the Behavioral Accident Prevention Process technology in 70 plants worldwide
  • Employee-driven process that provides a flexible, systematic and comprehensive method for improving workplace safety


Total Case Rate is the OSHA recordable rate, which is roughly the percentage of workers injured significantly enough to require medical treatment above first aid, days away from work, or restricted work activity.

For the 2017 calendar year, Tenneco's global TCR was 0.90, well below the industry average of 4.6.