Kinetic H2 CES

Kinetic® H2 CES semi-active suspension with anti-roll system: Intelligent electronics for the best performing semi-active suspension

This integrated architecture combines semi-active / CES damper valves with a passive Kinetic® H2 system to create an intelligent damping system that offers all the advantages of a semi-active system and achieves significantly improved on road traction and vehicle performance. Both front and rear anti roll bars are removed and lightweight features incorporated to make it a system of choice to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles.
The development of this state-of-the-art technology in close partnership with a European sports car manufacturer illustrates Tenneco’s high level of commitment to the highest quality at all levels – from project management to engineering development and to the production line. First installed on a European sports car in 2010, the system was well received on the market, has had good review and is currently under development with different OEMs for passenger cars.
Executive passenger cars, SUVs and sports cars.
Key Benefits
- Delivers the best performance of tyre grip and comfort with weight efficiency and cost efficiency
- Better grip when the driver brakes and increased safety on the road
-Lightweight aluminium design and no power consumption