Who We Are

Vision and Values

Who We Are

Tenneco's dedicated team of 32,000 employees around the world are united by the company's vision and values and share a commitment to helping our customers achieve success. 



Our Vision...

Pioneering global ideas for cleaner air, and smoother, quieter and safer transportation.

Our Values...

Accountability - Accepting responsibility.
Health & Safety - Committed to a healthy and safe work environment for all employees.
Innovation - Discovering new solutions using engineering expertise and advanced technologies.
Integrity - Being honest, fair and never compromising our ethics.
Passion and a Sense of Urgency - A consuming desire to win now.
Perseverance - Resolute and unyielding; the unrelenting pursuit of a goal.
Results-Oriented - Taking authority; driving to achieve and meet commitments.
Teamwork - Seamless collaboration.
Transparency - Raising issues; being forthcoming and open.
Trust - Relying on and having faith in one another.


TEN 10: Celebrating Examples of Our Values In Action
To recognize the many contributions made by our employees around the world, Tenneco's TEN10 program celebrates those who exemplify leadership through our shared values.
Each year, ten individual finalists and one team are selected, standing out as exceptional examples of our values in action. Their stories serve as great examples of the Tenneco culture, which is united by a common vision, shared values and a commitment to operate always with the highest ethics and integrity everywhere we do business.
The 2017 winners were:
  • Caoyuan Ma, Beijing, China
  • Francisco Briceno, Celaya, Mexico
  • Jinghua Liang, Chengdu, China
  • Wanlapha Rojanasaroch, Chonburi, Thailand
  • Clara Villaescusa Miguel, Ermua, Spain
  • Robin Carey, Harrisonburg, Pa., USA
  • Denise Harl, Jeffersonville, Ind., USA
  • Jean-Michel Laratte, Laval, France
  • Scott Rawlings, Milan, Ohio, USA
  • Herminio Rita, Palmela, Portugal
  • Elastomer Project Team, Milan, Ohio, Monroe, Mich., and Suzhou, China