Goetze® Large Bore Engine Piston Rings




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Piston Rings for 4-stroke Large Bore Engines

Goetze® brand products are used by large engine manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.  Our production plant in Friedberg, Germany, excels in highly automated large scale, close-to-zero ppm production.  By combining process know-how with a long background in ring materials and high-performance coatings for many industrial applications, Tenneco has the clear advantage.

Our long tradition of material and design innovation and our manufacturing process know-how combines with a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements.  As we develop piston ring technology that offers unsurpassed durability and highly efficient dynamic sealing properties, we help our customers achieve even better fuel efficiency, low emissions and long overhaul intervals.  This well-received dedication to quality, efficiency and product robustness has earned us a leading market position in the large bore piston ring field.

Tenneco piston rings for large bore engines have exceptionally good durability.  In addition to a large choice of ring materials, Tenneco offers a large range of high performance coatings, such as chromium, CKS, plasma coatings, physical vapor deposition (PVD) or twin layer coatings.

Material properties, coating performance and ring design are combined to form a dynamic sealing system that will deliver maximum service life and minimum maintenance needs.  Being so deeply rooted in so many large bore engine application fields, we know how important reliability is for an engine that has a typical lifespan of 20 to 30 years and needs to run efficiently.  Thanks to our long-term focus on large bore engine applications, we have rings for servicing all types of engines – including old ones.  Goetze piston rings cover 4-stroke large bore engines while our Daros® brand piston rings cover 2-stroke large bore engines.