Trademark Usage Guidelines


Tenneco Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines are for authorized distributors, resellers, or other entities authorized to use Tenneco’s trademarks (the “Trademark(s)”). Tenneco grants only such authorized users a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Trademarks solely for the purpose of promoting the sale of Tenneco products. Tenneco may revoke this license at any time by sending notice at which time the user must immediately cease using all Trademarks. Any use of the Trademarks that is inconsistent with these guidelines will be cause for immediate revocation of this limited license.
Tenneco may amend these guidelines from time to time as it deems necessary. All authorized users should consult this page from time-to-time for any updates.
  1. Use of the Trademarks must be limited to the manner prescribed by Tenneco’s brand guidelines. These brand guidelines are available by clicking on the appropriate trademark in Section C below.
  2. Use of the Trademark must be for the purpose of truthfully advising customers that the user sells authorized, genuine/non-counterfeit Tenneco products. The referenced product(s) must be in stock and available for purchase through the user.
  3. Always use the Trademark as an adjective, not a noun. The Trademark should be used as an adjective, followed by the common or generic noun for the product or service. For example, “Use MONROE™ shocks for best performance,” not “Use MONROE™ for best performance.”
  4. The Trademark should appear in initial capital letters or all caps.
  5. The use of the Trademark must not be detrimental to the integrity, reputation, or goodwill of the brand or of Tenneco.
  6. The use of the Trademark on a website or in advertising/promotional materials must be smaller than the use of the user’s own name and logo or surrounding names and logos.
  7. The Trademark or photos of Tenneco product packaging bearing a Trademark may be used, provided that such use is in connection with the sale of that Tenneco product, such product is authorized and genuine/non-counterfeit, and instructions for purchase are available in close proximity to where the Trademark appears.
  8. All Trademark use must make it clear that Tenneco is the source of the product offering, and that you are independent from Tenneco. All Trademark use should be secondary to and significantly less prevalent than the authorized reseller’s or distributor’s own branding and logos, and limited to what is necessary to promote Tenneco’s products and not the user’s own products or services generally.
  9. Trademark use should include proper trademark marking (see below for examples). When the Trademark is used repeatedly in a document, marking should be used at least on the first use of the Trademark and on each separate page or section.
  10. All permissible uses of the Trademarks must be accompanied by a trademark ownership statement. The following language is appropriate:

    “[TRADEMARK] is a trademark of Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc. in the United States and/or other countries, and is used for reference purposes only.”
  11. Examples of permissible uses of Trademarks, if the statements are truthful, include:
    *We are an independent reseller of Monroe™ shocks and struts.
    *We offer a wide selection of DynoMax™ performance exhaust parts.
    *Our automotive technicians use only genuine Walker™ exhaust products.
  1. Do NOT alter the Trademarks from their original form, for example, the addition of hyphens or spaces to a word mark, creation of unauthorized acronyms, or alteration of any stylized or design format is unauthorized, e.g., DYNO MAX instead of DYNOMAX.
  2. Do NOT use the Trademarks as part of your company name or product name, e.g., “Barry’s Monroe Parts”.
  3. Do NOT use the Trademark in a plural or possessive form. For example, “MONROE™ shocks and struts are,” not “Monroe’s shocks and struts are . . . .” Tenneco’s full corporate names can be used in possessive form, e.g., Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.’s.
  4. Do NOT use any Trademark as your domain name or part of your domain name.
  5. Do NOT use any Trademark or variation thereof as a “favicon” or web browser or shortcut icon, including but not limited to any favicon used by Tenneco.
  6. Do NOT copy the overall look and feel of a Tenneco website or promotional materials.
  7. Do NOT use any Trademark in the title of an internet search listing result unless the user is an authorized reseller/distributor and clicking on that search result directs a customer to a page that sells the referenced genuine Tenneco part(s).
  8. Do NOT use any Trademark in a manner that states or implies that you or your company are affiliated with Tenneco or its affiliates, or that your products or services are approved or sponsored by Tenneco.
  9. Do NOT use the Trademark in connection with any third-party mark, logo, design, or name in a manner that could cause confusion among consumers as to the association of the parties or their products or services.
  10. Do NOT use any of the Trademarks in a manner that would disparage Tenneco, its affiliates, or any of their products or services.
The following is a representative list of some of the Trademarks along with their proper marking in the United States. This list is subject to change at Tenneco’s discretion and is NOT exhaustive.
Many of Tenneco’s part numbers are recognized by consumers and promoted as a source-identifier, and thus are proprietary to Tenneco.
Tenneco’s part numbers may not be used without permission, except to authorized resellers and distributors to truthfully identify compatibility or for truthful comparisons. Any such use should not be misleading, and should clearly indicate the nature of the use. For example, Tenneco would approve the following use:
[Company Name]’s Part # _____ is compatible with Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.’s Part # ______. [Company Name] is not affiliated with Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.