Emissions Control

Cold Start Thermal Unit (CSTU)

Thermal SystemsIncreasingly stringent global emissions regulations for light-duty and commercial vehicles are pushing aftertreatment system designs to the limit, increasing in complexity and often requiring integration of expensive engine technologies. The primary focus of the new regulations center around emissions generated during both the initial start of engine operation and extended idle. These areas of engine usage are the primary contributors of emissions during real driving conditions.

Tenneco’s Cold Start Thermal Unit (CSTU) addresses these challenges by integrating a heat source in the aftertreatment system, directly and efficiently providing the thermal energy needed to initiate and maintain the catalyst activity across the entire range of engine operation. This enables OEMs to comply with regulatory requirements using a single technology solution, avoiding the significant incremental cost and complexity associated with multiple solutions.

CSTU also gives OEMs flexibility to meet the regulations by providing a solution that reduces the degree that the engine needs to support the aftertreatment. Because the CSTU can provide all of the supplemental heat for the aftertreatment to function efficiently, the engine can now be optimized for performance and CO2.


Exhaust Thermal Management System

Tenneco’s Clean Air business group has partnered with Eaton’s Vehicle Group to produce an integrated exhaust thermal management system that will enable commercial truck and light vehicle manufacturers to meet upcoming emissions regulations. Read Tenneco's and Eaton's Joint Announcement


View an animation of the Integrated Exhaust Thermal Management System