Code of Conduct



Dear Colleague:

Throughout our Company’s history, we have built relationships of trust with key stakeholders through our unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards. Our core values include Trust, Integrity, Balance and Accountability.  Your commitment to our core values drives our business success. We must all be committed to honest and ethical conduct in all that we do throughout the world.
Each of us is engaged daily in meeting competitive challenges and embracing opportunities to continuously move our Company forward. However, the pressure to succeed can never be an excuse for taking short-cuts that would compromise our core values. Our shareholders and those with whom we do business expect and deserve nothing less than the highest levels of service and ethical behavior.
I am personally committed to ensuring that Tenneco remains firmly rooted in the Code of Conduct. This Code describes our values and provides the tools necessary to help us do the right thing when presented with difficult situations and choices. 
While policies such as this Code are important, our success is ultimately determined by our own actions. Every day, I expect the highest level of integrity from every Tenneco team member. All of us should set high standards of excellence for ourselves and our fellow team members and we must never compromise those standards.
I assure you that if you become aware of violations of this Code, you will not suffer any negative consequences for promptly reporting those violations in good faith. This is my commitment to you and it has the full backing of our Board of Directors and the Senior Management Team.
Our dedication to working daily in compliance with the law and this Code will help Tenneco maintain its leadership position. With your help, we will continue to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and performance while adhering to uncompromising standards of business ethics and integrity. 
Thank you again for all you do to maintain a positive and productive workplace.
Gregg Sherrill
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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1 On July 24, 2012 Tenneco finalized a renewed version of our Code of Conduct. The content of the new Code of Conduct is generally consistent with the prior version, in effect since the late 1990s, but includes updates for new policy areas and other minor revisions.


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