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DynoMax® Launches Collector Muffler Line Inspired by Technology Used in Motorsports

November 2, 1999

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 1999 - Tenneco Automotive's DynoMax performance brand, a world leader in high-performance exhaust system technology, has launched a new line of racing collector mufflers. More stringent noise standards in various forms of motorsports prompted the company to adapt their race-proven technology to a compact line of mufflers that attach directly to the header tubes, replacing the traditional header collector.

The new DynoMax Collector Muffler meets the NHRA sound requirement of 95 dbA on most applications under 50° cid. It features a straight-through flow design with patent pending sound directors for maximum performance and superior noise attenuation. Utilizing Tenneco Automotive's high temperature CRF (Continuous Roving Fiberglass), the Collector Muffler's single-strand packing won't blow out like traditional mat packing materials do. The DynoMax Collector Muffler is manufactured in the U.S. using a welded aluminized steel construction. The DynoMax Collector Muffler also can be coated with JET-HOT ceramic coating.

Offered in four, four and one-half and five-inch outside diameter models, which measure just 16 inches in length, the DynoMax Collector Muffler is compact enough to fit where other collector mufflers can't. It is among the lightest designs on the market, weighing between seven and eight pounds, depending on the application. And the DynoMax Collector Muffler's sleek bullet shape is more aerodynamic than the form of competitive brands.

For more information, contact: DynoMax Performance Exhaust, 500 North Field Drive, Lake Forest, IL 60045. To locate your nearest dealer, call: 800/767-DYNO. Technical questions should be directed to the DynoMax tech hot line: 248/852-9347.

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