Supplier Code of Conduct

Dear Valued Business Partner,


As one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and marketers of automotive products for original equipment and aftermarket customers, what Tenneco makes matters. How we show up and compete in the marketplace matters. Our business performance matters. But the thing that matters most is what we stand for together—what we value. Our winning culture is based on a set of core values - Integrity Always, One Team, Will to Win and Make Tomorrow Better - that guide our thinking, our behaviors and our success. We are committed to doing the right thing the right way and following all laws, regulations, and policies applicable to our business.


We believe in developing, producing and distributing products and services in a socially responsible and sustainable manner as it builds trust with our customers, the communities in which we live and work, as well as other interested parties. We are dedicated to partnering with suppliers and vendors in the value chain that not only have superior ethical and safety track records but are socially and environmentally responsible.


This Supplier Code of Conduct expresses our values and culture and establishes practices for conducting business with the highest ethical standard possible. We require our business partners and their suppliers, subcontractors and employees to fully comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the countries and locations in which they operate and to abide by this Supplier Code of Conduct.


We believe these behaviors will lead to business success for all, while providing a safe, ethical, equitable, socially responsible and sustainable world in which to live and work. Thank you for contributing to the legacy of integrity we value at Tenneco.





Ernie Keith

SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer

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