Supplier Information

Tenneco Global Purchasing is responsible for procuring all goods and services used by our facilities and joint ventures around the world. Sourcing decisions are made based on suppliers’ performance in quality, service and cost. The goal of Global Purchasing is to improve communications with our supply base in order to generate efficiencies and enhance product quality.

In order to make the most productive use of our website, links to enterprise-wide policies and information can be found on the left. For business unit specific purchasing policies and forms select the appropriate business below.  All forms and policies are also listed in the Supplier Document Map matrix below for easy reference.

Clean AirDRiVPowertrainPerformance Solutions

Supplier Document Map

Document / Page NameCommon DocumentClean AirDRiVPowertrainPerformance Solutions
Access to ZycusNo  X 
AIAG Corporate ResponsibilityYesXXXX
APQP TrackerNoXX X
Capacity Verification TemplateNoX  X
Capital Equipment and Tooling Terms and ConditionsNo   X
Commerce Control List (CCL) USYesXXXX
Conflict MineralsYesXXXX
Contamination AuditNoX  X
C-TPAT Best PracticesYesXXXX
Design Specification Technical ReviewNoX  X
Diverse Supplier CertificationYesXXXX
Diverse Supplier RegistrationYesXXXX
FAQ - What is EDI?No   X
FAQ - What is Titan?No   X
FAQ - What is DSP and How to use?No   X
FAQ - What is Vendor Registration Process?No   X
FAQ - What is SNC?No   X
Global Corrective Action ReportNoX  X
Global Customs Import RequirementsNo X  
IATF Oversight OE Customer Specific RequirementsYesXXXX
I-Chart for Launch ContainmentNoX  X
IMDS (International Materials Data System)YesXXXX
Inbound Material Logistics Process FlowNoX  X
Inbound Material and Logistics ProtocolNoX  X
Information Security & Privacy Risk AssessmentNo X  
Initiate Supplier Registration ProcessNo  X 
Launch Containment FormNoX  X
Launch Containment LabelNoX  X
National Minority Supplier Development CouncilYesXXXX
NA Barcode Label SpecificationsNoX  X
PPAP GuidelinesNoX  X
PPAP Sample LabelYesXXXX
Privacy StatementYesXXXX
Process Change Notification FormNoXX X
Quality CommitmentYesXXXX
Request EDI Set-UpNoX  X
Supplier Restricted Substances Certification FormYesXXXX
Sales and Use Tax Direct Payment (DRiV)No X  
Sales and Use Tax Direct Payment (Powertrain)No  X 
Shipping/TaxNo  X 
Slavery and Human TraffickingYesXXXX
Small Business Administration DatabaseYesXXXX
SNC TrainingNoX  X
Supplier Code of ConductYesXXXX
Supplier Code of Conduct Certification FormYesXXXX
Supplier Data Security AssessmentNo   X
Supplier DiversityYesXXXX
Supplier Invoice RequirementsNo X  
Supplier Registration FormNoX   
Supplier Requirements Manual (Clean Air)NoX   
Supplier Requirements Manual (DRiV)No X  
Supplier Requirements Manual (Powertrain)No  X 
Supplier Requirements Manual (Performance Solutions)No   X
Supplier Suggestion FormNoX  X
Terms and ConditionsNoX  X
Tenneco Supplier Portal TrainingNoX  X
TITAN TrainingNoX  X
Transport Management System / AX4 User GuidesNo X  
U.S. Customs RequirementsYesXXXX
Vendor Insurance GuidelinesNoX  X
Vendor Tooling Registration FormNoXX