Restricted Substances

Tenneco requires that our suppliers share our commitment to environmental and product safety.  All suppliers must ensure they follow all global regulatory product compliance requirements.  In addition to minimum regulatory product compliance, Tenneco reserves the right to restrict certain chemicals in our products.  Suppliers must ensure that they follow Tenneco’s chemical compliance related to our Black (Restricted) and Gray (Limited/Declared) Lists.  A document featuring the complete lists can be found here --> Tenneco Chemical and Material Black and Grey list_2023_V2



The purpose of this document is to avoid the use of substances, which cannot be legally applied at Tenneco or to avoid the use of undesirable substances that are constituents of the company products.

Furthermore, it is meant to ensure that undesirable substances will not be applied unless they have been thoroughly considered. Any supplier who introduces a new product to Tenneco is responsible for examining

if the product contains one or several of the chemical compounds on the Chemical and Material Blacklist. Below list shows which chemical compounds are:

I. Banned according to national or international legislation

II. Decided as restricted by the Tenneco Management System based upon Tenneco or Customer requirements


New products containing one or several of the chemical compounds from the list must not be applied at Tenneco. If one of the listed chemical compounds is used in the production,  a plan for termination of use of the product must be prepared. The plan must contain a date of the final termination.

The prohibition applies to any calculated use of the chemical compounds on the list. However, the prohibition does not apply in cases where the chemical compounds occur as impurities in an applied product, i.e. undesirable occurrence in very small amounts. Any supplier who introduces a new product at Tenneco is responsible for checking if the product contains one or several of the chemical compounds represented on the list. Chemical compounds should not present substances performed as in documents with the sunset date.

A substance used in a process, for which an Authorization for continued Use is obtained by Tenneco controlled operations, is permitted for continued use for the duration / validity period of the Authorization.



Chemical compounds, which are only to be used to a limited extent at Tenneco.

The list contains chemical compounds, which since it is highly possible that they will become prohibited substances in the near future, it is necessary to examine alternative technologies. Except when they correspond to exemption, the use of any of these substances in materials, parts, and products must be notified if the amount in use exceeds the regulation value.