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New DynoMax® Stainless Steel Tips Set To Out Perform Old Style Chrome

May 1, 2000

DynoMax® performance exhaust have released a completely new range of stainless steel exhaust tips, including several exotic shapes. The complete range is now made up of 70 different shapes and sizes, including exhaust tips specifically designed for Commodore, Falcon and Magna applications, as well as the popular large diameter dump pipes and many new large bore styles.

Manufactured from high polish, high chromium 304 stainless steel, new DynoMax® stainless steel tips have a distinct advantage over the old chrome type tips. Stainless steel will continue to look good on any vehicle, long after chrome has lost its shine or flaked off. Typically the appearance of chrome tips will last less than 6 months; stainless steel tips however will hold their shine for the lifetime of the exhaust system.

Another benefit of DynoMax's new stainless steel exhaust tips range is that they can be expanded without problems, unlike chrome which will crack and flake when expanded. With the exception of the dump pipes in the range, the new tips are push or interference fit and can be welded with no damage to the finish.

DynoMax's complete new range includes more exotic shapes like:

  • Commodore supercharged
  • Falcon ovals
  • Dump pipes - 3 to 4 inch
  • Large range of big bore in diameters up to 3- inch outlet
  • Mega bore tips for 2 inch inlet
  • Range of euro style ovals
  • Dual tips to suit Mitsubishi Magna

All DynoMax® stainless steel exhaust tips are labelled with part numbers and barcodes and are individually plastic-wrapped to ensure they reach the customer clean and undamaged.

DynoMax® Product Manager, Mr. Graham Pyne said, "We're expecting healthy sales from the new range of tips. Despite the obvious advantages of stainless steel over chrome, our new range of tips are priced at a level that will makes them the obvious choice for customers. With the more fashionable style tips now included in the range, we have product to suit a very broad range of customer tastes."

The complete range of DynoMax® Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips are available nationally through stockists of DynoMax® performance exhausts.

For more information on the new range of DynoMax® Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips and DynoMax® performance exhaust products, contact your local Tenneco Automotive State Office.