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Smoother Running With Monroe's New Magic Camber

August 1, 2000

Driving with incorrect wheel camber can increase tyre wear by 20%-50% and have a serious effect on a car's performance and safety. To date, this problem has been nearly impossible to solve, because the camber on most cars cannot be adjusted. Monroe's new Magic Camber device provides a simple solution, allowing the camber on nearly every car to be corrected.

A number of factors can alter a vehicle's wheel camber. These include driving with worn out springs, lowered suspension, over kerbs or fitting lower-profile tyres. Not only is tyre wear increased, it is also uneven, and tyres have to be replaced more frequently. It's not just a question of expense, however. The wrong camber undermines a car's performance and safety. Uneven tyre wear means that only part of the tyre's surface has sufficient contact with the road, which increases braking distance which can often lead to dangerous situations. In addition, incorrect wheel camber will cause a car to pull to one side while being driven in a straight line. Things become especially critical when driving in wet conditions, where unevenly worn tyres don't have enough remaining tread to displace the water. Driving comfort is also significantly reduced, as the driver feels vibration through the steering wheel.

Monroe's Magic Camber comprises a set of two special bolts which are fast, easy and safe to install, and can be used on any vehicle whose shock absorbers are held in place at the bottom by two bolts. It takes just a few minutes to complete a professional readjustment of the wheel camber. The mechanic simply replaces the upper bolt which is currently holding the lower end of the shock absorber in place with the Magic Camber bolt, which allows the camber to be adjusted by three degrees in either direction. Magic Camber has been tested and approved by Germany's technical standards agency TÜV.

For the greatest effect, wheel camber should be corrected uniformly on both sides of the axle, so Magic Camber is sold in pairs in blister packs, which include bar code sticker and a TÜV seal of approval.

Installation of Magic Camber is ideally done while replacing a set of shock absorbers but it can also be added during axle work, accident repairs, the lowering of a car or changing tyres. It will make the car safer and more comfortable to drive without unnecessary tyre wear. 70% of all car makes are covered with just six references.

Monroe is a brand name of Tenneco Automotive, the world's leading manufacturer of shock absorbers. Its service product line-up features a full range of solutions for shocks, including the Monroe Mounting Kit, for replacing the upper mounting blocks, and the Monroe Protection Kit, for replacing the compression bumpers and dirt shields.