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Medical Technology finds a home in the garage

September 1, 2000

Now it is much simpler and quicker to accurately detect problems inside exhaust systems, thanks to a revolutionary new diagnostic tool from Walker. Utilising technology originally developed for medical use, the Walker Endoscope literally gets to the core of an exhaust system, enabling garage mechanics to see inside the major components without having to dismantle them.

The Walker Endoscope functions in the same way that an endoscope is used in a hospital to examine inside a patient. A slender, flexible tube carrying a miniature, fibre-optic TV camera is inserted into the exhaust pipe, and passed through the vehicle's exhaust system, giving a detailed view inside the rear and intermediate silencers, the catalytic converter and flex tubing, checking for cracks, corrosion, impact damage and perforations. Pictures are relayed to a TV screen, which provides an outstandingly accurate picture of exhaust wear. This is the first time such medical technology has been adapted for garage use. The process is quick, and allows the mechanic to show the motorist exactly what's happening inside their exhaust system. This innovative new device allows garages to offer a more sophisticated service to their customers, and gives the driver peace of mind when no problem is detected, and visible proof when a fault is found.

"We believe this is an essential piece of diagnostic equipment that has been made available to the motor trade, which helps the technician to predict the likely future life of a complete exhaust system, as well as its individual components. This information and advice can then be given to the motorist, and save him or her future unnecessary cost and inconvenience, such as an exhaust failure on a motorway, while at the same time helping to protect the environment by having a fully-functioning exhaust".

The Endoscope is the latest product from Walker, the aftermarket brand of Tenneco Automotive, who produces one in every four complete exhausts world-wide. Through Walker and its original equipment division, Gillet, Tenneco Automotive offers an all-encompassing range, including mufflers, catalytic converters, tubular exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipes, band clamps, exhaust accessories, electronic silencing technology and complete exhaust sub-systems. Original equipment customers include nearly all the European motor manufacturers, while aftermarket systems are available for virtually every car on the road.

Walker offers a full range of products for the aftermarket, including Quality Plus, which is an aluminised product range with clam shell or spun silencers, Quality Plus Special, a premium product for selected BMW and Mercedes models, Aluminox, a new premium quality exhaust system that offers maximum protection against corrosion, and a full range of catalytic converters including mounting kits.