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Monroe® Launches Magic Camber

March 1, 2001

Incorrect wheel camber - a problem that can ruin tyres and seriously compromise a car's performance and safety - can now be cured, thanks to Monroe®.

Magic Camber - an all-new product from Monroe® - has been designed to correct a problem that, to date has been difficult and expensive to solve.

Magic Camber comprises a set of two special bolts that are fast, easy and safe to install and can be used on any vehicle with McPherson struts that are mounted to the stub axles by clevis bolts.

Peter Goodrich, Product Manager for Monroe Australia, said a number of factors could adversely affect a vehicle's wheel camber.

"Driving with tired springs, lowered or raised suspension, over kerbs or fitting lower or wider profile tyres can change the camber of the wheel," said Peter.

"Not only is tyre wear increased, it is also uneven, and tyres have to be replaced more frequently. Driving on uneven tyres can also be extremely dangerous as they can make the car pull to one side and dramatically increase braking distances.

"Magic Camber is a revolutionary product as, until now, correcting the camber on cars was a difficult, expensive and time consuming exercise. Now, Magic Camber can be installed quickly and easily to the vast majority of vehicles on the road today in Australia."

It takes just a few minutes to complete a professional readjustment of the wheel camber with Magic Camber. The mechanic simply replaces the upper bolt that is currently holding the lower end of the McPherson Strut in place with the Magic Camber bolt. This allows the camber to be adjusted by three degrees either side of centre whilst the vehicle is on the wheel alignment tester. Magic Camber has been tested and approved by Germany's technical standards agency TÜV.

Monroe® is a brand name of Tenneco Automotive, the world's leading manufacturer of ride control and emission control products. Monroe® shock absorbers are fitted to every new car made in Australia today.

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