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Tenneco Automotive Green Technology, Strategy Drive Company’s European Growth

September 11, 2001

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - Hari N. Nair, the new executive vice president and managing director of Tenneco Automotive's European business unit, today said the company's technologies enable automotive and truck manufacturers to meet Europe's strict air quality standards now - long before they become mandatory in 2005 and 2008.

"Tenneco's technology helps manufacture cleaner, greener, quieter cars. That technology, combined with a strategy to anticipate and meet the European market's needs with creative cost-effective solutions, is fueling the company's growth in Europe," Nair said during the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Europe key to Tenneco Automotive

Europe represents 35 percent of the company's $3.5 billion (U.S.) worldwide sales. In Europe, the company develops and manufactures exhaust products for the original equipment market under the Gillet brand name and ride control products under the Monroe brand name. Customers include BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Group, GM/Opel, Nissan, Porsche, PSA Group, Renault, Toyota and VW Group.

"Europe is an extremely important market for us - particularly given its leadership role in the development of automotive platforms worldwide," said Nair, who assumed responsibility for the company's European business this summer. "We believe we are well-positioned to work successfully with our European customers as they respond to increasing regulations and a dynamic global marketplace."

Nair cited stricter emissions regulations, increasing reliance on lean burn gasoline and diesel engines and demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles due to rising fuel costs among the major factors shaping today's European marketplace.

"These factors drive us to anticipate our customers' needs and respond with creative technology that adds value," he said. "Tenneco Automotive has new technology offerings today that help manufacturers meet the more rigorous Euro 4 and Euro 5 air quality regulations that become mandatory in 2005 and 2008 as well as voluntary environmental commitments under the Kyoto Protocol."

He highlighted three new Tenneco products and systems that help original equipment manufacturers meet and exceed new regulations and requirements:

Emissions Control Technology

  • A diesel particulate filter for passenger cars - the only filter that virtually eliminates carbon and hydrocarbon emissions with a minimal impact on engine performance. The simplicity of the filter's design and production results in decreased manufacturing costs. Tenneco's diesel particulate filter is in use on the 2001 Citroen C5 and the 2001 Peugeot 406. Other applications are under development.
  • A tubular integrated converter (TIC) that reduces both weight and cost. Tenneco is the only manufacturer using a new hot-spun production process, which reduces material content, shortens production time and reduces manufacturing costs. The weld-free production process results in cost reduction of up to 25 percent and weight reduction of up to 20 percent. Weight reduction results in improved fuel economy. TIC technology is applied on current models of the Ford Transit and Focus, Peugeot 406, Citroen C5 and GM/Opel Corsa. Other applications are under development.
  • A combined particulate filter and De-NOx converter that meets 2005 Euro 4 and 2008 Euro 5 standards for reducing particulate emissions by up to 90 percent and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 70 percent in medium and heavy duty trucks. The system combines a particulate filter with a technology that supplies urea to the exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxides, resulting in cleaner operation, enhanced fuel economy and space savings that is critical for heavy duty trucks. Development projects for several leading truck manufacturers are under way.

"Green" Ride Control Application

Tenneco Automotive's commitment to the environment extends beyond emissions control into ride control as the company uses technology to balance sure handling, comfortable ride and environmental responsibility.

  • An oil-free "green" shock is the only one exclusively using pressurized gas rather than oil as the damping medium, providing frequency dependent damping and minimizing the compromise between ride comfort and handling. Unlike oil, pressurized gas is not affected by temperature, resulting in more consistent damping performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. The damper can be mounted in any position. The shock meets proposed recycling regulations and is environmentally friendly.

"Tenneco Automotive's commitment to research and development results in practical, value-added technology that our customers can utilize now as they anticipate changes in tomorrow's automotive marketplace," Nair said. "We work closely with our OE customers to develop total cost solutions that help them respond to increasing legislation as well as consumer demands and preferences."

Tenneco Automotive is a $3.5 billion manufacturing company headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., with 23,000 employees worldwide. Tenneco Automotive is one of the world's largest producers and marketers of ride control and exhaust systems and products, which are sold under the Monroe® and Walker® global brand names.

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