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Tenneco Automotive Named Exclusive Exhaust Supplier

November 17, 2004

LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS; BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, NOVEMBER 17, 2004 - Tenneco Automotive (NYSE: TEN) announced today that the company has been named the exclusive exhaust supplier for the BMW 1Series passenger car launched last month, reinforcing the company's position as a leading supplier for the auto maker's small vehicle segment.

Tenneco Automotive will supply the complete exhaust system, hot- and cold-end, on the 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel vehicles. The entire system includes a fabricated manifold, close-coupled catalytic converter and a complete rear exhaust system. Tenneco Automotive also worked with BMW to acoustically engineer the 1-Series exhaust sound in-line with the manufacturer's specific requirements.

"We are proud of our work with BMW on the 1Series, which showcases our advanced emission control technologies and acoustical engineering capabilities," said Mark P. Frissora, chairman and CEO, Tenneco Automotive. "As engine standardization increases, vehicle manufacturers are looking to acoustical engineering as a unique way of differentiating individual brands and specific models. Exhaust acoustic engineering is a core Tenneco Automotive competency that has long been recognized by some of our most prestigious customers."

The distinctive 1Series sound was created by varying the diameter and length of the exhaust down pipes. These specially-developed "tune pipes" achieve specific sound characteristics without any engine modifications. As a result, sound waves in the exhaust system can be amplified or muted as desired and without any NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) deterioration or violation of noise regulations.

Tenneco Automotive used its advanced acoustic prediction tools to reduce the sound engineering development time on the 1Series by 50 percent. This included a significant reduction in the number of prototypes required, as well as testing and measurement times.

On the emissions side, Tenneco Automotive's close-coupled converter substantially reduces harmful exhaust emissions. Because this converter connects directly to the exhaust manifold and is mounted closer to the engine headrace, it reaches the required light-off temperature immediately, which results in increased conversion efficiency. In addition, Tenneco Automotive uses Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict and distribute gas flow uniformly over the converter face. This process is designed to eliminate hot spots and further improve the performance of the emission control system.

The exhaust system uses a distinctive standard Tenneco Automotive manifold, which allows production for both left-hand and right-hand drive cars. Previously different steering systems required a different manifold design.

Tenneco Automotive also supplies the cold-end exhaust on BMW Group's 4-cylinder MINI Diesel, which started production in March 2003.

All production for BMW Group is done at Tenneco Automotive's OE Emission Control R&D and manufacturing facility in Edenkoben, Germany.

Tenneco Automotive is a $3.8 billion manufacturing company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois and approximately 19,200 employees worldwide. Tenneco Automotive is one of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of emission control and ride control products and systems for the automotive original equipment market and the aftermarket. Tenneco Automotive markets its products principally under the Monroe®, Walker®, Gillet® and Clevite® Elastomer brand names. Among its products are Sensa-Trac® and Monroe Reflex® shocks and struts, Rancho® shock absorbers, Walker® Quiet-Flow® mufflers, Dynomax® performance exhaust products, and Clevite® Elastomer noise, vibration and harshness control components.

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