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Tenneco Showcases Full Suite Of Aftertreatment Solutions, Advanced Ride Control Technologies At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010

September 21, 2010
Hannover, Germany, 21 September, 2010 – Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) is a leader in helping reduce diesel emissions through its full suite of innovative diesel aftertreatment solutions. The company is showcasing these products, along with its industry-leading ride control technologies designed to improve vehicle handling and ride comfort, at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010, September 23-30 in Hannover, Germany (Hall 12, Booth C16).
"We are excited about Tenneco’s growth opportunities in the commercial vehicle market with our advanced technologies, engineering application capabilities and global manufacturing and engineering footprint," said Tim Jackson, Tenneco Chief Technology Officer. "The IAA show gives us the opportunity to showcase our leading emission control and ride control solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers around the world."
On display are Tenneco’s diesel aftertreatment solutions, which help commercial vehicle manufacturers meet increasingly strict diesel particulate and NOx emissions regulations. Among the technologies highlighted are:
Urea SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System
Tenneco’s Urea SCR system is a key driver in the company’s overall emission control strategy. Currently, Tenneco is the only emission control supplier offering a vertically integrated turnkey solution, delivering up to 95% NOx reduction.
The system injects precise amounts of urea into the exhaust stream of diesel engines. When injected into the exhaust stream, urea decomposes to ammonia and reacts with oxides of nitrogen (NOx) across a catalyst (located downstream of the injection point) to reduce NOx emissions. The system is comprised of the following primary components: urea tank, dosing pump, filter, heating and thawing system, urea injector, level and pressure sensor, electronic control unit and wiring harness.
Solid SCR™
Tenneco’s Solid SCR™ system uses a solid ammonium carbamate reductant instead of liquid urea. The system is an innovative alternative NOx reduction technology that functions quickly and effectively even at very low temperatures, including having better cold start response time. It is also easier to package than liquid urea systems. The system was developed jointly with FEV, an independent engine and powertrain systems research, design and development company.
Hydrocarbon Lean NOx Catalyst (HC-LNC)
HC-LNC is an aftertreatment solution designed to reduce harmful NOx emissions from diesel engines, using E85 and/or ULSD as the reductant. Current results indicate that HC-LNC reduces NOx as effectively as urea-based SCR systems and provides an option to those market segments seeking an alternative to urea-based selective catalytic reduction technology.
Tenneco collaborated with joint development partners GE and Umicore to develop and commercialize aftertreatment systems containing GE’s HC-LNC catalyst for certain applications, including on-road and off-road vehicles. Tenneco has a licensing agreement with GE to manufacture aftertreatment systems using the GE HC-LNC technology.
Thermal Regeneration Unit for Exhaust -T.R.U.E.-Clean®
Tenneco’s T.R.U.E.-Clean (Thermal Regeneration Unit for Exhaust) provides diesel particulate filter regeneration with reduced fuel penalty and improved engine performance for vehicles that operate frequently in low-load, low-speed or low-temperature conditions.
T.R.U.E-Clean offers automatic active regenerating capabilities, and is unique in featuring flame stability control due to ion sensing. The thermal regeneration technology continuously monitors the diesel particulate filter’s temperature and soot levels. When the system senses that the filter should be cleaned, the unit automatically initiates the regeneration process while maintaining proper temperatures and controls until the regeneration cycle is complete.
"Tenneco’s diesel emissions technologies offer flexible, turnkey solutions including complete systems integration," said Dr.Wolfgang Reuter, Tenneco Vice President, Sales and Engineering, Emission Control Europe. "We’re committed to delivering these advanced technologies and products for our customers, enabling them to reach optimal vehicle performance while meeting stricter emissions standards worldwide."
Tenneco will also feature several of its advanced ride control technologies at IAA, including:
Cabin Suspension with CES
Tenneco is a leading global designer and manufacturer of suspension units for truck cabins including coil cab dampers, air cab dampers, lateral cab dampers and seat dampers.
The company’s continuously controlled electronic cabin suspension (CES) offers key benefits to commercial vehicle customers, including improved pitch behavior and roll control, and rapid response time of the internal valves resulting in improved handling and safety.
Tenneco is offering complete cabin suspension solutions through active involvement during vehicle development.
Axle Dampers with CES
Tenneco’s successful CES technology is also being applied to its axle dampers. This semi-active suspension system overrides the trade-offs between comfort and handling, and continuously adjusts damping levels (within 10 milliseconds) according to road conditions and vehicle dynamics. The dampers with CES provide optimal damping during loaded and unloaded conditions.
Kinetic™ Passive Anti-Roll System
Tenneco’s Kinetic passive anti-roll system replaces the need for shock absorbers and stabilizer bars, and provides optimal vehicle ride, handling and comfort, while reducing the risk of vehicle roll-overs. Adaptable for the commercial vehicle market, the system offers modal roll stiffness and damping capabilities, which provide high roll stiffness with low single wheel and articulation stiffness.
The passive system’s wheel loading provides better traction on uneven surfaces. The system is lightweight and features a simpler packaging design. Additionally, the system provides wheel damping and additional independent damper functioning in the roll as needed.
About Tenneco
Tenneco is a $4.6 billion global manufacturing company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois and approximately 21,000 employees worldwide. Tenneco is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of emission control and ride control products and systems for the automotive original equipment market and the aftermarket. Tenneco markets its products principally under the Monroe®, Walker®, Gillet™ and Clevite®Elastomer brand names.

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