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Tenneco To Present Innovative Clean Air And Ride Performance Technologies For Commercial Vehicles At IAA 2014

August 25, 2014

Company showcases solutions designed to reduce fuel consumption; enhance vehicle performance

Lake Forest, Illinois, August 25, 2014 –Tenneco Inc. (NYSE:TEN) will highlight its complete suite of advanced commercial vehicle Clean Air solutions and lightweight Ride Performance technologies at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, Hall 16, Stand C10, in Hanover, Germany, September 25-October 2, 2014.

“Delivering improved vehicle performance and reduced emissions are at the core of Tenneco’s strategy for technology leadership,” said Tim Jackson, Tenneco Chief Technology Officer.  “The innovations being shown at IAA demonstrate how Tenneco is working with customers to provide advanced solutions that are lightweight, easy to package and reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance.”

Tenneco’s systems integration expertise is another critical element of the company’s cooperation with its customers on both Clean Air and Ride Performance solutions.  Tenneco adapts its technologies to fit the needs of customers anywhere in the world based on emissions regulation targets and road conditions.

Located in Hall 16, Stand C10, Tenneco will exhibit these and other advanced technologies:

Clean Air Technologies

XNOx Urea Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) combines Tenneco’s expertise in calibrating urea dosing systems with top-performing components such as the company’s patented XNOx injector to deliver an optimized solution with more than 95 percent NOx conversion efficiency, helping Tenneco’s global customers to meet increasingly stringent NOx emission standards while delivering the engine performance that consumers expect.

XNOxAir-Assisted Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a Euro V compliant system developed for emerging markets, which provides an economical alternative to traditional SCR. The tank, controller and pump form a compact unit while the right balance of air and urea produces an atomized spray, which achieves high NOx conversion rates even in compact exhaust systems.

Tenneco’s Compact Mixing solution features a proprietary swirl-pipe mixing technology to efficiently convert injected urea droplets into the desired ammonia without the formation of deposits, especially in low temperature applications.  This compact mixing device is of particular importance for SDPF applications where SCR catalyst and particulate filtration is combined into one component, which can reduce the overall size and packaging of the aftertreatment system.

Waste Heat Recovery. Tenneco is developing several technologies to improve overall vehicle efficiency by recycling wasted energy.  The company's Heat-to-Heat Systems enable reduced fuel consumption by transferring exhaust heat to fluids of the powertrain system, allowing for quicker vehicle warm-ups.  The company’s Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) solution enables the conversion of wasted exhaust heat to electrical energy, potentially for powering electrical accessories.

Modular Manifold.  Tenneco produces single wall manifolds as well as double-wall air gap insulated manifolds. These provide significant advantages in terms of emissions reduction, weight, cost, durability and packaging when compared with cast manifolds. Modular manifolds have a simplistic design, which allows many applications to be covered by a few components.

Ride Performance, Elastomer Technologies

Monroe Intelligent Suspension is a portfolio of advanced suspension systems which can enhance the stability of light commercial vehicles such as business luxury vans.  Shock absorbers and struts continuously adjust to changing road conditions and driving situations to deliver better vehicle handling and greater ride comfort.  A suite of technologies are in production or development that can be tailored to cabin, chassis or seat suspension systems to meet heavy duty  commercial vehicle customer needs.

Axle Dampers

45mm Axle Dampers are used primarily for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) greater than 15 tons and on trailers.  Tenneco’s newly developed valve system offers increased tunability to meet customer specifications.  It also allows higher compression damping forces and maintains the excellent lifetime performance typical of Tenneco dampers. These very compact 45mm dampers can cover both on-road and off-road applications such as tractors, trailers and rigid multi-axle trucks. Tenneco also offers other damper sizes to meet application requirements.

Integrated Front Suspension (IFS) is a cost-effective way of integrating air springs with  45mm axle dampers.  This provides significant weight reduction on the front suspension and improves overall ride comfort.

Cabin Dampers

Tenneco offers a full range of Cabin Suspension Systems, including coil spring cabin dampers, air spring cabin dampers and lateral cabin dampers.

Integrated Height Valve (IHV) is a newly developed air spring damper module for continuous leveling of truck cabins.  The unit’s regulator valve is integrated into the module.  This more compact solution simplifies the installation and reduces assembly time and cost during manufacturing and servicing.  This modular solution can be adapted for any on- or off-road application.

Seat Dampers

Adjustable Seat Dampers are used in seats for both on-road and off-road heavy duty vehicles. Depending on the road conditions and the driver´s own preferences, the damping level can be changed to achieve optimum comfort.

Lightweight Seat Dampers are an example of how Tenneco leverages lightweight materials including aluminum, plastic and high strength steel combined with innovative designs to reduce component weight and contribute to reducing the vehicle’s CO2 footprint.

Velocity Progressive Damping (VPD) is unique in that low damping forces are generated at low velocity for comfort, whereas at higher velocities the damping will progressively increase to avoid bigger movements.  This leads to improved comfort for the driver without the need to manually adjust the damping force.

Elastomer Technologies

Lightweight Torque Rods deliver high performance and fatigue life while minimizing vehicle mass. Multiple construction options are available, and Tenneco’s innovative rod designs help customers meet performance targets with simple, low mass solutions.

Innovative Spring Eye Bushing Solutions are part of Tenneco’s Clevite® brand, which has been manufacturing elastomer suspension bushings since 1947.  Spring eye bushings serve as key suspension pivots in vehicles with leaf spring suspensions.  Tenneco has developed new designs aimed at reducing mass while improving bushing function and fatigue life.  The latest bushings feature high radial and conical (cardanic) spring rate paired with low torsional breakaway to produce pivots ideally suited for optimal suspension performance.

About Tenneco

Tenneco is a $8 billion global manufacturing company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois and approximately 26,000 employees worldwide. Tenneco is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of clean air and ride performance products and systems for the automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment markets and the aftermarket. Tenneco markets its products principally under the Monroe®, Walker® and Clevite®Elastomer brand names.



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