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Tenneco to Showcase Powertrain and Clean Air Solutions at 2019 Auto Shanghai

April 11, 2019


Company’s technologies designed to meet future China 6 emissions standards and enable improved fuel efficiency

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. April 11, 2019 Tenneco (NYSE:TEN) will highlight its latest engine and exhaust system solutions that address fuel economy, performance, and emissions requirements for China and other markets at the 2019 Auto Shanghai (April 16-25, Hall 6.2, Booth I101).

“It’s an exciting time for Tenneco and appropriate that we are showcasing our Powertrain and Clean Air businesses together for the first time in such an important and critical vehicle market like China,” said Roger Wood, Co-CEO, Tenneco. “We remain committed to supporting our customers here, now with a combined portfolio of powertrain solutions available today spanning from the combustion cylinder to the tailpipe and designed for the stringent emissions requirements this region will face in the future.”

The new Tenneco is expected to be formed when the company separates its businesses into two new, publicly traded companies, a Powertrain Technology company and an Aftermarket and Ride Performance company. The Powertrain Technology company results from Tenneco’s acquisition of Federal-Mogul last year and the subsequent combination of Tenneco’s Clean Air business and Federal-Mogul’s Powertrain business. The new Tenneco Powertrain Technology company is expected to create one of the industry’s largest pure play powertrain suppliers. The new Tenneco’s Powertrain and Clean Air divisions will provide engine to tailpipe solutions that power progress and help the world’s OEMs prosper in a changing technological landscape.

Tenneco Powertrain

Tenneco’s Powertrain division will present its broad range of technology solutions for light vehicle and hybrid electric engine applications helping manufacturers achieve their emissions, fuel efficiency and performance targets. The portfolio comprises pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, valve system components, engine bearings, ignition products, heat shields, sealing and gaskets and systems protection products, along with vehicle electrification technologies. Key highlights include:

Premiere for Megabond® Cylinder Liner Technology: Tenneco will debut its all-new Megabond cylinder liners in Shanghai. The advanced liner technology was developed to meet the durability, performance and packaging demands of engine manufacturers globally. Providing superior mechanical bonding strength and robustness, Megabond liners enable more compact high-efficiency engine designs and easier cylinder block manufacturing.

PRiME 3D®Simulation Software: Tenneco’s PRiME 3D software is a breakthrough dynamic simulation tool that supports manufacturers cutting engine development time by up to 70 percent while allowing emissions and fuel consumption reductions to be achieved through the early optimization of piston and piston ring design. An industry first, PRiME 3D enables the generation of a physically realistic virtual model of a running engine during the design process. The software can accurately predict cylinder component performance, along with characteristics like friction losses and oil consumption, already at an early stage of engine development, eliminating many iterations of design, prototyping and physical testing.

Vehicle hybridization technologies: Complementing its portfolio of technologies for improved internal combustion engines, Tenneco´s Powertrain division presents a range of electrification products. Developed by its Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) product group, these products support enhanced performance and utilize otherwise wasted kinetic and exhaust gas energy to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Featured products include CPT SpeedStart®, an advanced starter-generator for micro and mild hybrid applications, COBRATM electric supercharger for increased air supply of ICEs, and TIGERS® turbo-generator integrated exhaust gas energy recovery system.

IROX® 2 Polymer Engine Bearings: IROX 2 bearings, also featured at Auto Shanghai this year, are part of the IROX high performance bearings portfolio for light and heavy-duty engines. While IROX was developed for crankshafts with a standard surface finish, IROX 2 is designed for crankshafts with extra smooth finish running with thinner oils. Both polymeric coating technologies used on the IROX and IROX 2 bearings are particularly effective in hybrid and start/stop applications that place additional demands on bearings through frequent engine restarts. Local production of IROX 2 bearings is expected to begin in China this year.

Tenneco Clean Air

Tenneco’s Clean Air division will showcase a range of systems, components, and design capabilities to address increasingly stringent emissions regulations, Corporate Average Fuel Consumption (CAFC) and the evolving powertrain trend toward vehicle hybridization.

Emissions Evolution: Tenneco’s Auto Shanghai display will highlight the company’s solutions for achieving China 6a emissions requirements as well as future concepts that can address China 6b. The company’s Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) will be shown, which promotes compliance with real driving emissions (RDE) requirements under China 6b.  Additionally, the display will feature innovative new technologies that improve cold start emissions by accelerating catalyst light-off time, such as Fabricated Air Gap Manifolds, which reduce the amount of exhaust heat absorbed by the manifold, therefore ensuring more heat is sent downstream to light-off the catalyst; and a Cold Start Thermal Unit (CSTU), which was developed primarily for commercial vehicles but is being explored as an option for the light vehicle market for China 6b or beyond.   

Fuel Economy: Industry forecasts are clear that internal combustion engines will continue to be the predominant powertrain for many years to come and improving their efficiency is the most realistic path to continue to meet ever-stringent CAFC targets.  Tenneco’s technologies for improved fuel economy include its Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery System, which harvests lost heat for better engine warm-up and cabin heating.  The company’s Lightweight Exhaust System helps to reduce vehicle weight, system packaging and cost. Finally, technologies that enhance today’s EGR systems by introducing a coated GPF into the EGR route improve engine operating efficiency and reduce criteria pollutants at mid and high loads and during cold start to better enable RDE compliance.

Hybridization:  With additional motors and batteries, along with a conventional emission system, hybrid powertrains pose unique space and therefore design challenges. Tenneco’s design and packaging expertise is showcased in a Compact Emissions Module Concept, designed to meet the specific packaging constraints of hybrid powertrains, while exceeding all performance, durability and emissions targets. Enabling technologies to achieve the compact design include: Smart Sound™, a speaker-based system for exhaust tuning capable of active noise cancellation and sound generation; modular electronic valves that actively manage acoustic and backpressure performance via a dynamic flap control, generating optimal pressure conditions; and passive valves, which are dependent on gas flow to operate the valve. Both valves are effective on engines that utilize cylinder deactivation in light-load driving for fuel efficiency gains.

Tenneco has established itself as a leader in the Chinese original equipment market with a strong presence in the region.  Together, the Powertrain and Clean Air divisions operate 32 wholly-owned or joint venture manufacturing locations and three globally networked engineering and technical centers. The company’s localized engineering and production capabilities help to provide sustainable, high-performance products, technologies and services for its OEM customers in China and throughout Asia.

Tenneco´s Clean Air and Powertrain divisions will showcase their technology solutions together on Booth I101 in Hall 6.2 at the 2019 Auto Shanghai. Subject matter experts are available for media interviews.

About the new Tenneco - the future Powertrain Technology company

Following Tenneco’s expected separation to form two new, independent companies, an Aftermarket and Ride Performance company (DRiV™)  as well as a new Powertrain Technology company, the new Tenneco will be one of the world’s largest pure-play powertrain companies serving OE markets worldwide with engineered solutions addressing fuel economy, power output, and criteria pollution requirements for gasoline, diesel and electrified powertrains. The new Tenneco would have 2018 pro-forma revenues of $11.4 billion, serving light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway and industrial markets.

Safe Harbor

This release contains forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements include, among others, statements relating to our plans to separate into two independent public companies.  Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to materially differ from those described in the forward-looking statements, including the possibility that Tenneco may not complete the spin-off of the Aftermarket & Ride Performance business from the Powertrain Technology business (or achieve some or all of the anticipated benefits of such a spin-off); the possibility that the acquisition of Federal-Mogul or the separation may have an adverse impact on existing arrangements with Tenneco, including those related to transition, manufacturing and supply services and tax matters; the ability to retain and hire key personnel and maintain relationships with customers, suppliers or other business partners; the risk that the benefits of the acquisition of Federal-Mogul or the separation, including synergies, may not be fully realized or may take longer to realize than expected; the risk that the acquisition of Federal-Mogul or the separation may not advance Tenneco’s business strategy; the risk that Tenneco may experience difficulty integrating all employees or operations; the potential diversion of Tenneco management’s attention resulting from the separation; as well as the risk factors and cautionary statements included in Tenneco’s periodic and current reports (Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K) filed from time to time with the SEC. Given these risks and uncertainties, investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as a prediction of actual results. Unless otherwise indicated, the forward-looking statements in this release are made as of the date of this communication, and, except as required by law, Tenneco does not undertake any obligation, and disclaims any obligation, to publicly disclose revisions or updates to any forward-looking statements. Additional information regarding these risk factors and uncertainties is detailed from time to time in the company's SEC filings, including but not limited to its annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018.

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