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Öhlins Dampers To Be Used in All Super Formula Cars for the 2024 Season

December 5, 2023

Series standard suspension to debut during team tests December 6-8, 2023

UPPLANDS VÄSBY, Sweden, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Japan Race Promotion, the organizer of the Super Formula Championship, has chosen Tenneco’s Öhlins Racing to be the sole supplier of shock absorbers for Super Formula. Öhlins is set to supply user-friendly, reliable high-performance dampers based on the Swedish company’s years of experience in Formula 1 and Hypercar/LMP1 racing. Service and support will be provided by Carrozzeria Japan Co., Ltd. during the season.

Super Formula has been highly regarded by teams and drivers around the world as the world's premier equal-condition race that uses the same chassis and tires. For future seasons, the series has decided to standardize the dampers so the skills of the drivers can be better demonstrated.

Additionally, with the unstable global situation and economic environment, this initiative aims to ensure a stable supply of parts while at the same time reducing the cost of participation for teams by curbing the rising cost of parts.

The Öhlins dampers will be debuted at the Joint Test/Rookie Driver Test, taking place at Suzuka Circuit from Wednesday, December 6 through Friday, December 8, and each team will proceed with building their cars for the start of the next season. Japan Race Promotion will further bolster Super Formula as the world's leading driver's race and provide entertainment for motorsports fans around the world, starting with the Joint Test/Rookie Driver Test next week.

“We are very proud that we have reached an agreement with Japan Race Promotion to be the sole supplier of shock absorbers for the Super Formula Racing Series from 2024 and onward,” says Claes Hesling, Director of Auto Racing at Öhlins. “Super Formula is a top-level racing series with very high demands. The shock absorbers we are supplying to the series are the result of the cumulative experience at Öhlins that we have developed over the decades. Together with our partner in Japan, Carrozzeria, we will be supplying top-level products and excellent service to the teams in Super Formula.”

The Öhlins products commissioned for Super Formula are the DR30 front damper, TTR30 rear damper, front third damper, and rear third damper.

Engineered to be as compact and lightweight as possible, the dampers are packed with race-proven valve technology that has helped drivers win championships across several different classes. Fully independent 4-way damping force adjustment offers a wide adjustment range to meet any requirement, with accurate damping force generated by unparalleled high-precision components. Tamperproof stickers on the reservoir caps also ensure every car adheres to the series-designated specifications.

The benefits of racing on Öhlins technology in Super Formula are minimal risk of cavitation and reduced friction, as gas pressure can be lower than the traditional layout. Each damper is also designed to prevent adjustments from affecting dynamic response, which allows for precise tuning while maintaining consistent, cutting-edge performance.

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Mr. Kazu Tohda
International PR, Japan Race Promotion Inc.

Mr. Claes Hesling
Director Auto Racing, Öhlins Racing

Ms. Viveca Lundberg
Marketing Communications Manager, Öhlins Racing

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