Large Bore Engine Pistons

Advanced Aluminum and Steel Piston Technologies

Large Bore Engine PistonTenneco is leading with advanced piston technology, successfully expanding its capability with new aluminum and steel pistons.

Introduction of the Monosteel® piston – a design concept, friction welded from two steel forgings into a one piece steel piston for higher peak cylinder pressures and longest life expectation – for pistons with up to 220 mm diameter.

For engines with moderately high peak cylinder pressures, we are offering aluminum pistons up to around 170 mm diameter size. Aluminum pistons are highly cost effective and, with the introduction of new features, offer performance and durability advantages for challenging engine applications.

Monosteel PistonExclusive horizontal casting process enables the use of innovative material alloys as well as flexible designs, including insert rings and cooling galleries to optimize the pistons for a wide range of bowl designs and fuels.