LBE Valves & Valvetrain Components

Technologies for Increased Valvetrain Lifetime

Valves for Vessels
Tenneco develops and manufactures engine valves and valvetrain components, such as valve cotters, valve rotators and spring retainers for 4-stroke engines for use in ships – propulsion and auxiliary – as well as for power plants and off-road applications, e.g. railway or mining.

Basic valve designs are monometallic, bimetallic and hollow valve type with dimensions up to a maximum length of 1,000 mm, a stem diameter of 38 mm and a head diameter of 180 mm. They are made of high-alloy materials that can meet working conditions of modern engines and which are resisting against high combustion pressures, temperatures, corrosion attack and mechanical loads.

Valve rotators are designed to provide a defined rotation of the valve to create homogeneous surface contact and to prevent the forming of deposits on the valve seat and seat ring. The rotation results in optimized sealing and increased valve lifetime. Current challenges for rotators result in new creative designs based on reduced packaging space but increased valve spring forces within the valvetrain; a consequence of increased operating temperatures and combustion pressures of modern engine designs.

Tenneco’s complete in-house design, development, validation and manufacturing capacity ensures that customers benefit from latest technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques to remain at the forefront of the LBE industry.