Sales & Use Tax Direct Payment

Currently, Tenneco's DRiV business group and its legal entities issue "Direct Pay Permits” to their suppliers and vendors for all purchases of direct and indirect materials and/or services.

Direct Pay Permits allow Tenneco to purchase all materials, supplies and services from vendors exempt from sales and use tax without payment of sales and use tax to the vendor and allows payment of any applicable tax directly to the appropriate State and/or Local taxing authority.

A copy of the Direct Pay Permit can be downloaded from the link provided below by selecting the applicable legal entity name and state where purchased item will be delivered.

If you require a sales tax exemption certificate for a Tenneco,  DRiV or Federal-Mogul facility not on direct pay, please contact Bethanie Campbell at 224-461-6136 or email her at


Direct Payment Permits
Alabama80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC300 Wagner DriveBoazSDP-R008188985
Arkansas83-4117479DRiV Automotive, Inc1601 Highway 49BParagould58118826
Indiana80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC8325 N Norfolk StreetIndianapolis0144639513-001
Kentucky80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC20 Aberdeen DriveGlasgow347586
Michigan80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLCPO Box 786Southfield80-0845341
Ohio - Pullman02-0359911The Pullman Company11800 OH - 424Napoleon98002406
Ohio - Pullman02-0359911The Pullman Company33 Lockwood RoadMilan98002406
Tennessee - Smithville80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC1 Grizzly LaneSmithville108162169
Tennessee - Smyrna80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC2100 Midway LaneSmyrna108162150
Virginia80-0845341Federal-Mogul MotorParts LLC2410 Papermill RoadWinchester10-800845341F-001