Glycodur® Dry Bearings


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Excellence in Dry Bearings

For more than 30 years Glycodur has been manufacturing bearings with layers of self-lubricating material which require either no lubrication at all or only when initially installed.

Glycodur White Bck FinalOur commitment to preserving the environment extends beyond reducing the need for lubrication systems to include not only the material itself, free from lead, but also our solvent- free manufacturing processes. Through the years we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge regarding the manufacture as well as the application of Glycodur bearings.   Continuous product development and strict quality control have led to a great number of satisfied, regular customers.  Today, sophisticated state-of-the-art manufacturing and development facilities help us to achieve this goal.

Our wide selection of standard and special components provides ample evidence of the versatility of our manufacturing facilities, which will also enable us to fulfill your requests. Our aim is to meet your demands and requirements by offering customized, well-proven products.

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