Large Bore Engine Bearings

Comprehensive Range of Metal and Polymer Bearing Solutions

Tenneco’s sliding bearing technologies deliver environmentally friendly solutions that combine high performance, reliability and exceptional lifetime for 4-stroke engines for marine, railway, power generation and off-highway applications. Tenneco bearings and bushings can also be found in turbo chargers, pumps and compressors.

Solutions can be matched to a variety of requirements enabled by development of lead-free electro-coating technologies and expertise in both metal and polymer bearing formulations and self-lubricating composite sliding materials.

Tenneco Bearings

Bearings are manufactured under the GLYCO® brand and the LBE bearings market is served through the joint venture with Patel Brass Works (PBW) and is the only manufacturer to offer the full breadth of material and manufacturing technologies necessary to provide lead based and lead-free solutions for the entire global engine and transmission market. 

Portfolio of bearings and bushings covers a diameter range from 8mm to 350mm.

Comprehensive service offer includes bearing design, rigid and elastic hydro dynamic simulation (RHD, EHD), material development, as well as tool design and production.

DEVA® brand´s self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearings suitable for extreme conditions complement the LBE bearing portfolio. Visit our Deva website for more information