LBE Industrial Ignition

Spark Plug Technologies for Spark-ignited Gaseous Applications

Industrial Spark PlugTenneco offers tailored ignition product designs and manufacturing solutions enabling engine manufacturers to enhance main operating areas including combustion performance, thermal efficiency, reduced emissions and fuel consumption, as well as increased durability and service life.

For open (combustion) chamber type engines, Tenneco has developed and is currently supplying pre-chamber spark plug technologies which consist of a patented ring electrode design inside of nickel dome-shaped, enclosed capsule.

For fuel-fed pre (combustion) chamber type engines two unique technologies, ‘Bridge Plug and Cold Plug’ are offered, which are designed specifically to thermally manage the hot combustion environment conditions within the pre-combustion chamber.

Through design optimization of central-based ignition, pre-chamber spark plug technologies have been proven to enable engines to increase air-fuel lambda ratios up to 1.9, while also speeding up combustion resulting in improved engine efficiency.

Analysis-led design via CFD and FEM models is offered to simulate and predict combustion performance/thermal efficiency; a full range of bench and application testing capabilities; and full component/assembly design and manufacturing at prototype and production levels (“One-Stop Shop”).