LBE Piston and Sealing Rings

Technologies to Meet Full Range of LBE Piston Ring Requirements

Tenneco’s sector-leading expertise and extensive range of piston rings satisfies specific demands in the 2- and 4-stroke LBE market with ring geometries that optimize contact conditions with the cylinder bore, and through the use of wear-resistant materials and coatings that promote longer life.

Large Bore Piston Rings

Under the two well-known brands GOETZE® – for bores from 145 to 640 mm – and DAROS® – for bores between 260 and 980 mm – the company offers galvanic coatings, such as GDC® (Goetze Diamond Coating) and CKS® (Chrome Ceramic Coating).

These highly efficient layers can promote a longer life-cycle by significantly reducing the wear rate of piston rings and cylinder liners. The wide range of galvanic, thermal spray coatings and electric arc processes enables selection of the optimal coating for each individual application.


Technologies to Meet Full Range of Industrial Sealing Ring Requirements

Besides its broad range of piston rings for LBE applications Tenneco also offers smaller industrial sealing rings for radial and axial movement with diameters from 10 to 1,000 mm.

Sealing Rings

Dynamically sealing the working chamber of piston and sealing-off rotating shafts against the environment, these are used in abroad range of sectors: for gear boxes, pumps, hydraulic systems, gas compressors and vacuum pumps. 

Higher load collectives, ecological and economic targets require continued optimization of sealing rings and a growing number of applications can no longer be effectively served by standard products. Building on the extensive experience of the company´s automotive business including precision manufacturing, we can develop an optimized blend of technologies and product properties depending on the application, helping our customers to reduce total cost of ownership; meet latest environmental requirements; increase efficiency; and generate sustained business growth.

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