Goetze® Installation Process

Assembly - Installation Tools

Installation Tool one pieceThe installation process has a significant influence on seal performance. Therefore, our original GOETZE® branded installation tools and the right installation procedure are highly recommended for series production as well as for maintenance work.

There are installation tools available for different face seals. For diameters up to 700mm the tools are made from one piece of plastic. For larger diameters the tool consists of several plastic segments and an installation o-ring.

Segmented Tool - OKFor special applications – such as limited mounting space availability – custom designs can be offered on demand.

The same is true for our latest installation guide and movie, which provide all of the relevant information and support required to enable the proper function of your seal.

In order to ensure the face seal function properly, we are not only offering our customers the appropriate installation tools, but are also supporting them with the necessary training of assembly personnel as well as training documents.